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TOPIC: Relaxing your requirements
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Another *newbie* question.....this one about "pickiness".

I know we all have our personal (or couple) set of "requirements" for potential play partners. For example: HWP only, must be shaved, etc.

Two of mine (silly as they sound) is that I prefer men to be 5'10"+ and have no facial hair. As luck would have it, we recently met up with a nice couple and the guy was quite a bit shorter and has a flavor-saver type goatee. I'm able to look past the height and facial hair-thing because he's fits almost every other "requirement" I have. (No, we haven't played with them yet.)

Question... Does everyone do a little mental give-n-take when meeting other people? Or are most people on here super-stringent on their "requirements"?

**BONUS QUESTION - If you are a couple, who is the "pickier" one? The Mr or the Mrs?? (I thought it would be me, but it turns out that hubby is the pickier one.)

Wailuku HI
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TOPIC: Relaxing your requirements