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Ok, so...the lifestyle here on Maui is basically nil. There are none to very, very few M&G's, parties, etc.

Hubby and I were talking about possibly hosting a Meet & Greet later this year. Just a fun, simple, casual couple of hours for people in the LS to get to meet each other, hang out and chat.

Question 1: Would having it at a public place like a restaurant or bar be ok? We have a family, so our home is not available. And we don't know anyone else here in the LS (yet) that would have a suitable home, so we think the public place would be our only option at this point.

Question 2: Are there planned "activities" or games or anything at these things? I figure it would be a lot like any other cocktail party, but folks here are so reserved and shy that I thought we might have to have some fun ice-breaker type things to get people chatting and moving around.

Question 3: Any other hints or tips anyone would have on hosting a nice Meet & Greet? Or what NOT to do is also very helpful.

Mahalo (thank you)!!

Wailuku HI
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TOPIC: Question about hosting a Meet Greet