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TOPIC: Not for us
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Hi everyone - i just needed to vent .. Last weekend we had our 1st exp with a very advanced couple. BAD MISTAKE!! Previously told I was too old for the hubby in this couple so I was ok with a possibly a 3som with me - my hubby and the wife. Well as we got closer to the meeting I was told by the wife that the hubby had changed his mind and he wouldlike to play also! FASTFOWARD to Sat night (my bday also) all started out good and fun - I kinda noticed the hubby not really into the whole thing and I gave him 2 OUTS to change his mind he was like NO i want to - ( my hubby had desided that if her hubby didnt play as well we would not go any farther) We were drinking and dancing having a good time and they invited another lady to come sit with us ??!! She was nice and al but I felt a lil strange about the wholething. After awhile we went over to the "fun" side and went into a room and the other couples hubby leaves ????We ( 3 ) played a lil but stopped short of the real fun stuff !! We were like ok where is he ?? So ended up he really didnt want to be there and she only wanted my hubby - so nothing else happen and we went home - Is this something that happends alot or is this just a bad couple !!

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TOPIC: Not for us