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Rule 1: Men, don't force this upon your women, either openly or thru subtle or not-so-subtle pressure. The more pressure I placed on my wife, the more she went along with it because she loves me and wants me to be "happy", but also, the more she resented it and me for forcing her to do it.

Please don't generalize or stereotype the situation. There are many exceptions to this. For instance my wife got us into the lifestyle. Also if you loved your wife you wouldn't "force" her to do anything she didn't want to. Suggest, encourage, support, experiment, but NO is NO!!

Rule 2: If your wife isn't bi-sexual, don't pretend she is. Again, she's engaging in sexual practices like that for YOUR pleasure only, and she will grow to resent you for it.

No problem here. My wife had her first taste of pussy and look out girls!! Haha. She listed herself as bi-curious, and now has listed herself as bi.

Rule 3: My experience tells me that (a) men will screw just about any female as long as she has a pulse, and (b), most of us men in the lifestyle are fat, ugly, poorly educated or a combination of the three. What this leads to is us men forcing our women to have sex with someone who they are repulsed by, simply to please us.....again, it works in the short run, not for long.

This comment really upsets me. I will not screw anything with a pulse. We take our time meeting people. We are very selective. There has to be an attraction and possible friendship. We use the lifestyle as a way to meet like minded people, not just to get laid. Speak for yourself. I am in good shape, good looking and educated.

Rule 4: If your marriage isn't as solid as The Rock of Gibraltor, don't try this. Men screw as an athletic pursuit, women only enjoy sex if there's some emotional connection. Don't ask me why, it's in our DNA I guess. My wife and I have had endless conversations about this, and the bottom line is this....if I "enjoyed" the sex, she's convinced I must have an emotional connection with the woman. If I say no, it's "just sex", she looks at me cross-eyed.

Yes. I agree with you here. If your marriage isn't solid tread lightly. We recently had our first get together and I had some problems seeing my wife with another man. Next time we will go more slowly and try somethings differently. We, well I, learned from it and we will be back for more. Your second comment here seems to need some clarification. Sex is love with my wife, sex will always be just sex with others we invite into our lives. I have an emotional connection with my wife that will never be replaced by anyone else. It will always be just sex, hopefully great sex, but still just sex.

Feel free to add to my comments. This is what this site is for and in the end everyone will benefit. Cheers.


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TOPIC: Know The Risks Of Participating In The Lifestyle
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