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TOPIC: Getting past the emotion
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Welcome to the forums, Beachlover!

I have never been a jealous person and I have never really understood the emotion. I have enjoyed watching my wife being pleasured by someone else and she enjoys watching me. For both of us it stimulates even more passion for each other-- some images remain from play scenarios that we re-live again and again when we're home together.

I have seen some jealousy and hurt feelings in the lifestyle (sometimes called drama). In order to avoid this you need to talk with your partner about what you want out of the lifestyle. What types of people are you interested in meeting (and what kinds of people are not compatible)? What activities are you interested in doing (and not doing)? What rules will you agree to follow (i.e. play on the first meeting, condoms or bare, same room or separate rooms)? How will you select play partners?

Since you're unsure, you may want to try soft swap at first (playing in the same room with others but not trading partners).

My wife and I have a few rules, safe sex, no drugs, same room full swap and no anal. We had as a rule that we don't play on the first meeting, but there was a couple that I was hot for the wife and he was instantly driving my wife crazy... the mutual chemistry was so electric that we were making out in the restaurant and even playing under the table... we just had to go up to our room to finish.

Good luck to you and enjoy the lifestyle. There are several other threads that deal with emotions that you may want to scroll around and read the posts.

Gibsonia PA
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TOPIC: Getting past the emotion