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TOPIC: Compromising Do you do it
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We are very new here and just trying to look and learn and maybe someday take that next step. Okay here is my question.

How many men, women, couples compromise and have sex with someone who does not "measure up" to their expectations as they stated in their profile? A couple of examples:

"I am clean shaved and expect the same". Does that mean if you are getting down to having sex and the other person pulls down his or her underwear and they have hair, the whole thing is off? Or do you compromise? Is it your way or not at all? Seems just a little selfish. I love my wife with hair. I do not like hair in my food but I love hair during oral sex. Sure you may get a stray hair now and then but that just adds to the excitement. So is hairy oral sex such a turn off that you will walk away or do you Compromise?

"Age preferences" 32-39" , "35-50" or whatever. Say your at a party with many couples. 50 is your age limit in your profile. This very nice 52 year old asks to join in. Do you ask their age and turn them down because they are out of you range? Or do you compromise, have sex and just maybe enjoy it immensely? Can a couple out of your age expectations by a year or 3 still contact you or should they just not bother? Sometimes a really great couple may not qualify because your age expectations may be 35-50 and that married couple may be 50 and 52. Do you compromise?

"Height and Weight proportionate". Do you not swap with very thin men, women and couples? How many extra pounds will you tolerate. Is 10 pounds over the ideal height/weight okay? 20? 30? 40? 60? Have you told someone in a party atmosphere, "No thank you, I do not have sex with obese people".

So, how many follow what their profile says and how many Compromise? Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.


Pottstown PA
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TOPIC: Compromising Do you do it