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TOPIC: Communication
Created by: JandE904 The original post for this thread was deleted.
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You need to be VERY clear about your *rules*. You need to decide BEFORE going to the club (not at the front door of the club) what your "hard rules" are and what your "soft rules" are. And then stick with them. Or at least have a little huddle and talk about it.

It sounds like you guys aren't on the same page with swinging which makes for a real recipe for disaster. I'd suggest taking a break and having a real heart-to-heart with each other about the lifestyle.

Wailuku HI
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Red Flags: my husband gets very angry with me... over protective.

Seems as if your husband is controlling, to the point of getting angry if anything changes. I had one like that, I know it stems from a sense of insecurity. So much so that he has to have it spelled out, in the name of "protecting" you from getting hurt. Makes him sound like a good guy. And he may well be. But. You may perhaps need to rethink swinging until you both can be comfortable with all that may or may not happen. What scenarios are turn ons? What is a No No. What makes you uncomfortable? Sometimes you really will not know what you don't like until it actually happens to you. Yes, that can create a problem. BUT if you talk about it honestly and openly if and when something uncomfortable happens, it should be ok, if your relationship is a strong one.

If you have kids, you know when they start eating food that they will not like every food. So you try things, just a little bit at a time. Maybe mix a bit of squash into the carrots, for example, and then maybe a bite or two of squash on its own. Maybe a bad example, but sometimes you just don't know what you're going to like until you try it a little bit, or a little bit of it. If just the THOUGHT of trying a certain sexual activity makes you cringe, then step back a bit and maybe just watch for a while, then go home and have sex with each other. See what it is about what you viewed makes you hot for EACH OTHER first.

Welcome to the forums. Use whatever advice works best for you both and disregard anything that sounds "off" to you. We all have different levels of experience, and all we can really do is share our own experiences with everyone.


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It's normal, especially when you are just getting started, to experience a range of feelings and emotions that help you get to that comfortable place with this hobby ;-)

On a scale of 1-10 for hot/kinky/sexyness we only go to what we'd call a level 8 with others. On that 1-8 scale then we don't know how far we're willing to go until we meet them and get to know them. And it's natural for that to take some time. We'll arrange to meet another couple at an event but we don't tell them we're willing to play with them until we meet there and that goes well.

We have gotten better about chatting with each other after meeting potential play mates and before playing. That might be between weekends or 5 minuets where we step away and just chat alone that night.

So we are trying to understand what rules you could have that could change after meeting someone.

Our rules don't change- either we're willing to go-there with safe sex or we aren't. Once we both start playing, unless someone says the code word (which is a word for stop now this isn't working) we are focusing on the person we are with and not so much looking at each other.

I wonder if your hubby is okay with you being with another guy. Is he?

Protective is one thing, however, having sex generally does involve the JJ getting touched :)

Was he getting to have some fun with another woman? Was he participating too?

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Welcome to the forum JandE904.

I am guessing when you say "dirty talk" you mean you have trouble communicating what you want sexually, not that you don't like sexy, playful talk?

If that is the case and based on your examples, my first question would be how much do you drink when you go to the club? If you are drinking to get your courage up and finding it impairs your ability to stay within your agreed upon boundaries, try going straight for a change. If that isn't the issue, then you may want to ask yourself why you want to change the rules in the heat of the moment. If you feel full swap is ok under the right circumstances, approach your husband with the idea of that being a "soft limit", meaning you aren't intending to full swap but if all four are in synch, you can go for it.

The other concern I have is your reference to him getting angry when you change the rules and him cutting things off because a guy touched your JJ. Does he have jealousy issues that he is hiding by being "protective"?

Only you two can know what will ultimately work for you but talking about each and every encounter and adjusting the rules before your next one will help, as long as you both want the same thing. Do you?

New Orleans LA
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TOPIC: Communication
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