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TOPIC: Best practices
Created by: kandyman676 The original post for this thread was deleted.
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we love meet and greets, they appear to be the most laid back and relaxed places to meet people.We used to throw meet and greets in a local pub here that drew over a 150 people. We did this for 3 years before we gave them to a club owner.We found people to be exactly what we said more relaxed laid back. No one really role playing , just as they are.Thats what we are looking for people who act as they do every day. we like on premise once in a blue moon, We call that the fuck and flee.Where you can meet a neat couple that lives very far away ,get along and get it on. Off premise clubs have their value also. They allow you to dress sleazy hot, more freedoms to be bad! Try them all and see which one suits you best. Remember there is no wrong way or right way to swing only the way that your most comfortable in swinging

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TOPIC: Best practices