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TOPIC: Swinger Party Games
Created by: ftnctycpl
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depends on the party if your naked and getting the ice broke for fun times, or to start things, then its different than a meet n greet...

these are some of our hedo fun parties.

yes, i like find your partner... - rules - round one, you are blindfolded and can use your hands if you guess right you go to round two, if you guess wrong, each of the contestants gets to spank you one time including your partner. -round two, same as round one, but hands behind back... winner gets a prize

human sundae is a fun icebreaker... get a willing woman on the bar, chocolate sauce and whip cream and dig in

coed naked twister -- if people are winning, add baby oil...

you ever seen those blocks of ice you do a shot off of... well.. do body shots but dont use tits... think about it... oh... fyi, if you do this, no cinnaman schnaps, in fact cream like bailies, or rum cream works best, otherwise peope feel the burn!

speed dating... couples meet with couples for 5 minutes... each round the couples has to loose an article of clothing.

Get a fun couple on stage, and play some sexy music... make them strip... then make them exchange each others clothing... fun fun..

have a gift exchange for adult gifts... make it a white elephant exchange... then there are toys and lube going around everywhere and it turns into a party!

just my .02!

you wanna see them in action, join us at hedo in may

Fairview Heights IL
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"I Never" is a good one and gets people laughing, and drinking... you can use mundane things and obvious things to get just the men or just the women to drink.

I'm usually the only, or nearly the only, straight woman at a party... and can say "I've never sexually kissed a woman", just about the whole room takes a drink.

The next person may be a man who says "I've never given a blow job", probably only the women will drink this time... but you might find out something about your friends.

And the "I never doesn't have to be sexual... "I've never left California... etc."

Visalia CA
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I am trying to get some ideas for games for parties... I have a few already, but would like more (as I help other clubs/parties with their games). We have the "What would you do for a dollar" contest where ladies try to earn play money throughout the night. At the end of the night, the person with the most play money wins.

We also already have a Wet T-Shirt contest where instead of just the usual pouring of water on someone's shirt, we use water guns (doesn't make as much of a mess, and is a lot easier to clean up!) Obviously we all know how to pick the winner of this contest...

Any help anyone can give would be great! Please be as descriptive as possible about your game/contest with the rules, objective, etc.

Knoxville TN
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TOPIC: Swinger Party Games