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TOPIC: Swing Poker
Created by: armchairqtrback
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Hi Armchairqtrback, we love STRIP POKER to completion.

We play with 3 bi couples, who have played before so we don't have anxiety, just drooling over your next partner, M or F or a 3 way while the other players watch. Everybody's into oral bi and the group of SIX makes for much less "peer pressure," just excitement.

Come visit us in Jersey for simpler GAME RULES. We're a fun full swap open couple!

Stef n Jeff, Parkway Exit 89


Lakewood NJ
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I created a version of Strip Poker for two couples to play. Five card draw is the best way to play it.

Everyone has to ante up every hand. The ante is everyone takes a sip of their drink. (Or puff of a dube or a....well, you get the idea) Just get uninhibited. Someone deals the first hand and the deal moves around the table to the left for the remainder of the game. The group should be seated around a table boy - girl - boy - girl.

At the end of each hand, the loser is the person with the worst hand. The winner is the person with the best hand. The loser of the hand must remove one article of clothing. (Clothes like shoes and socks are one item not two)

Once the deal has went around the table twice the loser will remove an article of clothing and also perform a "dare" (ie sexual act) on the winner of the hand. If certain parties, for instance the men, are not bisexual, then if the loser is a man then the woman with the highest hand becomes the winner.

The suit of the highest card in the losers hand determines the act. The highest card in the winners hand determines the amount of time the act is performed. The loser of the hand must stand, remove the article of clothing of their choice and go to the winner and perform the dare.

Hearts is kissing Diamonds is rubbing and touching (excluding the genital area) Clubs is fondling the genital area. Spades is orally stimulating the genital area.

The level of dress of the winner will limit the sexual act of the dare during certain times if the game. This will be discussed below.

The time of the act is determined by the highest card in the winners hand.

For round one: 2-5 is 5 seconds 6-10 is ten seconds J-A is 15 seconds

Round two begins when 2 players are naked. Times are doubled.

Round three begins when everyone is naked and times are quadrupled.

If the couples are open to full swap dares, then in round three hearts represents penetrative sex with the girl on top and diamonds the man on top. The winner determines the position.

In the case of a tying winning or losing hand (since only high card plays if a pair or higher is not made) the two losers would perform on the winner or the loser on the two winners. Again, no male to male contact rule applies in multiple winner/loser situations.

The level of dress would also limit the act as well. If someone is wearing a pair if jeans then oral dare could not be performed and the dare would be reduced to the next lowest suit. (Or course you could tease a partner orally through a pair of underwear ;-)

Hopefully I'll get some good feed back from some if you regarding the game after you've played. Maybe some tweaks to the rules would have to be made or at least some sexy stories to hear.

Have fun!!!

Port Jefferson Station NY
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TOPIC: Swing Poker