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TOPIC: Monopoly Properties
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Most everyone is aware of the board game monopoly. This is a game to submit your best alternative names for the properties. They should be somewhat related to the original names...

Example: Baltic Avenue --> Ball Ticklers Anonymous Meditteranean Avenue --> Mediterranean Topless Beaches St Charles Place --> St Charles Naughty Monks etc

The property original names are...

Meditteranean Avenue: ?Baltic Avenue: Oriental Avenue: ?Vermont Avenue: Connecticut Avenue: ?St Charles Place: Electric Company: States Ave: Virginia Ave: St James Place: ?Tenessee Avenue: New York Avenue: ?Kentucky Avenue: ?Indiana Avenue: Illinois Avenue: Atlantic Avenue: Ventnor Avenue: ?Marvin Gardens: ?Pacific Avenue: North Carolina Avenue: ?Pennsylvania Avenue: ?Park Place: ?Boardwalk:

Lemoore CA
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TOPIC: Monopoly Properties