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TOPIC: KILLER ( a fun couples game)
Created by: SLOtowner
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sounds fun! happy sleuthing! i'm actually going to try this at my next "girls nite out" party.... here's hopin' it's not me (killer)... i can't wink!!! LOL

Pawleys Island SC
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We used to play this game a lot when a bunch of friends got together with their dates. This is a great ice-breaker and is fun and exciting!

YOU NEED Playing cards. Take out of the deck as many playing cards as you have people playing, but only one of the cards is a face card (we always used the jack of spades for some reason).

This game works best with six to ten people (ten might be pushing it).

PLAYING KILLER The small deck is shuffled and each person is dealt a card. Players carefully check their card so the other players can't see it, then they discard their cards back into a pile. The cards are picked up and set aside (no fair looking!)

The person who was dealt the jack of spades is the Killer, but no one else knows this.

So the game begins. Everyone relaxes and checks each other out, has a drink, eats snacks and engages in general conversation with one another, but must avoid asking questions about who the Killer is, who they think the Killer is, etc. The Killer does the same, and as he makes eye contact with one of the other players, he winks an eye at them and they are dead. The dead player doesn't say anything, but waits 30 seconds or so before announcing, "I'm dead". At that point, the dead player is out of the game, but still sits in and continues conversation. The dead player has to play along and announce their death in such a way as to not give away by body language, gestures, eye rolling, etc. who the Killer is.

The Killer can only kill one person at a time, but does not have to wait the full thirty seconds before striking again.

Everyone has to look at and talk to everyone else. No fair avoiding eye contact with people! You have to converse and have fun. You have to be sharp and quick! Players don't have to make long, lingering glances, but players must make eye contact deliberately and quickly, moving from one player to another while still watching as many of the others as possible peripherally. The Killer has to keep a sharp eye out as well, killing the other players when they think no one is looking, otherwise (s)he will get caught as they assault their victims.

HOW TO WIN AT KILLER Players win the game in two ways.

The Killer wins if he kills off all the other players without getting caught

A regular player wins the game if (s)he sees the Killer kill another player, or thinks, by some manner of deduction, that they know who the Killer is. The player announces, "I know who the killer is!" and announces the name. If their accusation is correct, the Killer confesses, but if they are wrong, the Killer stays silent, the accusing player is out of the game (dead) and the game continues.

You have to keep track of who is dead and alive, because if it gets down to just you and the Killer, the Killer can boldly get your attention and kill you!

After one or two games, everyone should be loosened up and ready to play a different game :-).

Have fun!

San Luis Obispo CA
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TOPIC: KILLER ( a fun couples game)