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TOPIC: Help with a party game
Created by: playfulbinight
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this sounds great .. is there any way to print it for reference?

Moosup CT
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Hello all - hope this finds everybody happy and well. We are looking for some help from some creative minded individuals with a lovers/swinger party game. We made it up and played it a couple times by making it up as we went but it has turned into a regular icebreaker at some houseparties we attend and we thought we would try to make it a little better and more complete. It is based on the dice game "greedy" and we have 4 categories of cards or actions - the help we are looking for is for adding "cards" to each category so put on your creative sexy swinging thinking and cap and give us some ideas! If you are interested in the full "rules" of how to play let us know. You can post your answers here or send them on sls mail . The categories are "green" "yellow" "red" and "totally wild" - to give an idea of the things here is a list we use - we just need to expand the list lol !

Green Cards

Neck and shoulder massage for 30 seconds

Fingertip caress any “non” erotic part of exposed body for 15 seconds

30 seconds to give the person “goose bumps” without touching erotic area

Whisper to the person what specific sexual thing you most want to do tonight

TRUTH – answer truthfully any question asked

Kiss neck and shoulders of person selected for 15 seconds

Back massage for 30 seconds

Finger trace around the erotic areas of the person’s body

Massage from knees to thighs of person for 30 seconds

DARE (at table – no explicit sexual acts)

Yellow Cards Straddle person – have a 15 second “fake” orgasm

Demonstrate your favorite sexual position with the person without any sexual contact taking place

Massage any area on person’s body of your choosing for 30 seconds - you may not remove or reach under any clothing

You have 30 seconds to get the persons nipples hard – they decide your level of access

Give you a sneak peak at any erotic area you choose

Give a lap dance at current level of dress for 30 seconds

Kiss for 15 seconds

Perform oral sex on the persons hand for 15 seconds

“Sexual Grind” on the person for 15 seconds

Receive a 60 second “lap dance” – you must sit on your hands during the lap dance

Red Cards Perform a 60 second striptease for the person – show it all- you cannot redress until you roll 1000 or 2 turns pass

Touch the person wherever you like for 30 seconds with your hands

Kiss and lick their breasts for 15 seconds

5 minute “time out” with the person to a place of their choosing for anything but sex or oral sex

60 second nude lap dance – no sex or oral sex –

60 seconds of kissing and heavy petting – all areas allowed for touching

DARE – anything but sex or oral sex – anybody anywhere

You have 2 minutes to undress the person without using your hands – if successful they cannot redress until they roll 1000 or 2 turns pass

Do a body shot off the person the way they choose

Totally Wild Cards 5 minutes alone in place of choosing – anything goes

Person performs oral sex on you at table for 1 minute after chewing ice

Put on a blindfold and lay back – 2 minutes of being indulged as they choose (you should both be naked by now!)

Corning NY
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TOPIC: Help with a party game