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TOPIC: any swimmers
Created by: TigerzWood The original post for this thread was deleted.
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I used to swim competitively and recently made swimming a part of my fitness regimen. You may benefit from a lesson with a swim instructor, so that you will feel as if you know what you're doing. I like to swim for an hour mixing up the type of strokes-- one lap freestyle, one breaststroke, one butterfly. I used to swim one lap of backstroke, but I kept on bumping into kids that wandered into the adult lap lane. To mix it up even more and use different muscles, I am going to get a few swimming accessories like flippers, kick board, and there is a floatation belt that I saw a woman use that she said takes strain off the back and encourages better technique. Swimming has been a good addition to my fitness program, plus I like checking out the hot MILFs at the pool!

Gibsonia PA
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TOPIC: any swimmers