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TOPIC: Working_out_question__AGAIN__lol
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Google Image search "Body fat percentage" and look for the one that has a series of images of men/women at different percents. I think most guys want the 10-12% look.

To reiterate what others have said: Body fat % is mostly about your diet. Working out is what makes you feel good, look good, perform good! Both are important but if you want that lean look, look to your diet.

Second - Do a dynamic warm up (light treadmill, jumping jacks, etc.) then do your lifting before treadmill. You will be able to challenge your muscles more when you still have the energy, then get the good calorie burn from the cardio.

If your overall goal is to burn calories (and it sounds like it is), find compound lifts; Bench-press, squat, dead-lift, rows, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. Do these in sets with little rest between them so your heart rate gets elevated. Basically an evil combination of cardio and weights!

Redmond WA
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for what its worth i am a few years older than your posted age. in the past year i have added an inch to my arms. my 32" pants almost fall off now and i have actually gained a little weight. still don't have a visible six pack but the core under the last bit of fat is tighter with larger muscle. i just want to put a little more muscle on before i strip off the last bit of extra padding. after all a six pack on a thin guy is just skinny. as an added bonus i have a bad back from construction related falls and injury. absolutely no back pain since starting my new workout regimen.

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Workouts challenge the muscles and the cardiovascular system. DIET affects the fat stores.

If you want a six pack you have to eat clean/right to support the workouts. And your workouts have to support core strength.

Las Vegas NV
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Ok I think I am on the right track but I am always looking for suggestions.

I work out on Saturday, Sunday in the morning. Monday and Wednesday in the afternoon.

My workout consists of 30 minutes on the tread mill and then about another 30 minutes working out with weights and machines while rotating on the part of the body. Ie....Saturday, arms and chest, Sunday Legs and Stomach etc....

My questions are: 1) Does this regiment appear to be adequate and #2) Is there a way that at my age I can develop a tighter stomach with something resembling a six pack?

As always......Thanks


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TOPIC: Working out question AGAIN lol
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