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TOPIC: Weight amounts
Created by: feistylady The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Hello feistylady...

All good questions. Your best bet is to engage the services of a qualified personal trainer who can personalize a program for you.

The simplest...and let me emphasize simplest and most generic...response is to mention that muscle mass increases as a result of overloading and microscopic injury. Training strategies are generally designed to leverage this most generic observation.

In general, it is necessary to lift heavy to build muscle. How heavy, how many reps, how many sets depends on a variety of factors. But it begins with an estimate of your one-repetition max, often abbreviated 1RM. You either need to estimate this or else work directly with a personal trainer who can spot you.

Increasing weight or decreasing weight (aka drop sets) or increasing-decreasing (aka pyramids) are strategies that really ought to be done with a trainer.

Good luck with your training...


Atlanta GA
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TOPIC: Weight amounts