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TOPIC: Sweets rec
Created by: ExiledFun
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Need a rec for something sweet after dinner with as few carbs/sugar as possible. I'm a 25+ year weightlifter, former trainer, etc - fitness is a core part of my RL job. I bust out daily/2x a day workouts, weights, intervals, etc, and take supplements out the wazoo, small meals throughout the day, organic as much as possible, all that. Issue is I'm "stuck" mid teens bodyfat for about a year. Only thing I can figure given all this is that I do like a LITTLE something sweet after dinner - couple cookies, etc - nothing huge but something more than a handful of blueberries. I think this might be the barrier. I can ground the sweets to zero if needed but with the amount I train seems reasonable to have a small amount. Any thoughts on something simple that would suffice? Thanks in advance.

Pittsburgh PA
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TOPIC: Sweets rec