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TOPIC: Motvation Parte Deux
Created by: PolyGrl The original post for this thread was deleted.
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On "feeling good"...

The folks who run gyms and fitness centers know the dynamics well. When clients begin working out, they feel lousy for about 3 months. At about 3 months, they can take it or leave it. If clients sustain regular workouts for 6 months, they're feeling great and also recognize they feel lousy when they skip a day or two.

These data--and there are data to support this--drive what you see each year at this time at gyms all over the world. The New Year's Resolution people buy annual memberships and pack the place for about two months. By about March, things are back to normal.

Bottom line--whatever motivation works for you, use it for six months. After that, it's more or less self-sustaining.

As an aside, many of the fit women that we see at the center are curvy. But they are also very strong and have tremendous endurance. They are more interesting and attractive than the emaciated waifs in the fashion magazines.

Atlanta GA
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TOPIC: Motvation Parte Deux