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TOPIC: Morning_vs_Evening_Workouts_Question
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I prefer to eat before and after a workout, I also workout in the am. There are several benefits to working out first thing in the morning. First and foremost, it energizes you for the rest of the day. Second, once out of the way, the entire day is in front of you. Third, the gym is cleaner, and quieter in the morning.

My workout is very similar to yours, I lift approximately 30 minutes and proceed to the cardio part of 45 minutes. I don't like to workout in the afternoon or evening.

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I'm not an expert, but I believe that AM is better because it is more possible to establish a regular routine without distraction. Some experts recommend that if weight loss is one of the goals, to work out in the morning because more calories will be burned throughout the day. You should also have a pre-workout light snack (like a banana) and, of course, drink water or a sport drink during your workout.

BTW, I would love to spot Mrs frnz in the gym and run a few feet behind her to watch that perfect ass in motion!

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Mrs SVC typing (didn't mean for it to get so long but I got a little passionate and wanted to explain my point of view).

Research shows people who workout in the morning are more consistent in their exercise schedule. People who work out in the afternoon may be able to go harder. I looked at this topic years ago when I was a certified group fitness leader (i.e. aerobics instructor).

I do both (mix it up) - usually Mon mornings (and sometimes go back for a O-lift clinic in the evening). Morning or afternoons for Tuesday. Usually Wed is always rest day. Thur can be either (and evening O-lift clinic sometimes). If I'm not working or away for reserve duty then I'll go in Sat mornings (couple hrs later than weekday mornings), Sun afternoons (if we're not busy doing something else). Sundays vary between a really long Metcon (metabolic conditioning) or just straight strength.

I like doing the Metcon in the morning - makes me feel like I'm jumpstarting my metabolism. But I'm stronger later in the day (body has had a chance to warm up, and fuel up). So lift heavier. And yoga later in the day is easier, joints are more lubricated.

I have been doing Crossfit for three years now (started when I was in Iraq). My background is school swim team high school/college (slow but stubborn), aerobics instructor for about ten years, and even did short distance triathlons. So I've lifted, pushed, jogged, swam, biked, stepped, etc. Never looked or felt like an athlete (always been about 20 lbs overweight) until I drank the koolaid of Crossfit (and never had six-pack either). Constant variation across all components is part of my results, and I'm not spending "hours" in the gym (except for the socialization and stretching/rolling before/after the WODs). "Competition" with myself and with others, and seeing results in strength, endurance, stamina, etc along with body composition changes, has kept me motivated to continue.

What has been important is not time of day, but that I do it. And give myself regular or active rest days. I'm not doing the same thing over and over again. Some workouts are long, some are short/high intensity. Some are cardio-centric, some are just strength. Always something different every time.

I'm keeping myself well fueled with real foods most of the time, and good hydration throughout the day/evening so I'm not dehydrated when I wake up (and drink some before I workout). If the morning WOD is going to be long (>20 min), I might have a little carb/protein like PB on wheat toast, or egg white & oatmeal as soon as I get up to avoid running out of gas. I also refuel after workouts to avoid starvation & assist recovery.

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I don't think there's any real evidence that says working out in the A.M or P.M. is better/worse for your bodies results (someone correct me if I'm wrong). In the army we started PT at 6am and got done around 730am when we weren't in the field or deployed. I would wake up and drive to formation half asleep, hungry/hung over and by the time we were done I would be wide awake and feeling pretty good. All I needed was a Marlboro Menthol and I was good to go! I prefer working out in the morning, but I can't do it consistently these days because of work.

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(I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed here...but I couldn't find anything). I am looking to change my workout schedule. I currently workout in the evenings and spend about and hour and a half in the gym... approximately 20-30 minutes on weights and 45 minutes on cardio..the remainder being spent on stretching, warm up and cool down. I would like to start working out in the morning before work. My question is, is it ok for me to do this first thing in the morning because I would be starting to exercise shortly after waking and probably would be doing so on an empty stomach (I cannot eat soon after waking up and will not have the time to fully wake up and eat before starting to workout). Also, what are the pro's/con's of working out in the a.m. vs. p.m.?

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TOPIC: Morning vs Evening Workouts Question
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