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TOPIC: Is yoga too religious for schools
Created by: sa_interracialcpl
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Yoga is in Religion. Religion is not in Yoga. As a physical exercise and stress reducer I think yoga is great in schools. I've taken many yoga classes over the years offered by parks & recreation, independent schools and I never received any religious offering. Seems that some folks are confusing religion with yoga. Religions my use yoga as religions use food; but food is not a religion.

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(CNN) -- Students gather in the gym at Druid Hills Middle School in Atlanta, lay out their mats and get ready to wind down. With deep breaths they lengthen their spines and start to bend -- into cobra pose, downward-facing dog, and eventually into the lotus position.

Emily Schroeder, 11, says doing yoga during the school day helps her feel refreshed and relaxed. More importantly, she says, the breathing helps her build stamina for the other sports she plays.

"I like the way it helps me learn how to control my emotions and just to have fun in life," says Schroeder.

Many school districts are adding yoga to their physical education curriculum to ensure students are meeting the mandated physical fitness requirements. Yoga doesn't require much, if any, equipment, and kids who are less athletically inclined can benefit without the pressure of playing a team sport.

But some parents are fighting the introduction of yoga in schools, saying the practice's religious ties aren't appropriate for government-funded education.

Earlier this summer the National Center for Law and Policy filed a lawsuit on behalf of Stephen and Jennifer Sedlock, whose children attend school in the Encinatas Union School District near San Diego.

Jennifer Sedlock told CNN that 250 community members signed a petition against the practice of Ashtanga yoga in the district's schools. They were worried, Sedlock said, that the yoga classes were religiously affiliated and that students whose parents didn't want them to participate would miss out on physical education altogether if they opted out.

"The concern isn't whether people like yoga or not, the concern is about religious freedom," Sedlock said.


San Antonio TX
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TOPIC: Is yoga too religious for schools