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As some of you know, I train a few women at the gym. The workouts are quite intense and we're building strength and durability. So, enough about that and on to the situation at hand.

One of the ladies I work with experienced something I had only heard about, but have never seen and it's quite disturbing when witnessed in the middle of a workout.

She had a "violent orgasm" and it scared the shit out of me. I was ready to call in EMT's, until she looked at me with a weird grin on her face and a look of sheer pain as well. I can't put it into words so I'll just keep on track with, it scared the shit out of me. The headache she gets is like an axe to the back of the head!

Has anyone experienced it and what can you do to work around it. It happens when she strains to lift. It happened the second time when working on leg lifts. I'm at a loss.... HELP!!

San Antonio TX
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TOPIC: From the files of WTF