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TOPIC: Creatine
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Has anyone used creatine to enhance muscle gain? I know from some research that it can help with muscle strength and recovery. What I'm wondering about is whether or not I should be using creatine while I'm still in what I know is a weight loss phase. Am I simply voiding any body fat loss while trying to enhance my muscle gain? (after all, it can increase water retention lol) I've been working out now for two months about five times a week with plenty of cardio and healthy eating. I'm notching it up for the month of March to see what muscle gains and definition I can achieve on a new and strenuous routine. Although that routine takes me down to three days a week lifting, it is by far much harder than what I was doing. I'm also at the point of gagging when I think about drinking water lol, so this isn't going to help by water being retained more from the creatine. I supplement like freakin' crazy and utilize Muscle Milk Light for after workout replenishment. Now I'll be using Muscle Milk Light for some meal replacements as I've notched up my eating regimen to a strict six small meals per day instead of two or three. Any advice on creatine use during a weight loss phase would be much appreciated. ; )

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TOPIC: Creatine