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TOPIC: fantasy-love of football
Created by: BTEXPRESS
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My fantasy is to be able to go into any pro football locker room and make all the men strip down one by one. Have them all stand side by side totally naked. Then I would stroll down the line, drink in hand and size them up literally. First category would be looks, then build, then c*** size. I'd pick as many that fit my categories and then they'd all be scheduled to meet with me at one time in a large hotel pres. suite. I would either take them one by one or a few at a time. On some occasions I'd let them do what they wanted to me, on others they'd have to do what I say. And hopefully, we all would score touchdowns, touchbacks, backfield in motions, illegal man on the field, oh and of course, i'd want to be penalized for those actions. lol mrs bt

Lancaster PA
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TOPIC: fantasy-love of football