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TOPIC: best of both worlds
Created by: we4urplzure
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I would love to meet a sexy woman with beautiful perky breasts and long legs. I'd buy her a drink and then another. Seeing that she had begun her night long before my arrival, I would offer her a ride...to my place. I would asssist her to the couch and remove her insanely high heels, gently caressing the soft smooth skin of her inner knee as I began to peel away her thigh high stockings. My husband would approach from behind, "Darling, you brought home a lovely stray kitty." he would purr in my ear. "Yes, shall we pet her and feed her some milk?" I would coo back. Her hands would quickly brush my hand away as I began to massage up her thigh. She'd stammer that she must tell us something first. I'd continue to stroke her legs, edging closer to her panties as she gasps for breath. My husband would sit next to her on the couch and begin to fondle her breasts, unfastening the buttons of her blouse. He'd release one pink nipple from her bra and begin to nibble at it. Finally I'd succeed at reaching her panties expecting to find them hot and moistening. Then I'd make a pleasant discovery, our little kitten had a tail and it grew harder and longer as my hands freed it from the dainty fabric of her panties. I would eagerly invite the head of this gorgeous woman's cock into my warm mouth....

Anybody else out there???

Blaine WA
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TOPIC: best of both worlds