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TOPIC: anonymous sex
Created by: SandyandJack
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We think the anonymous sex thing is exciting but would like a little more control over it than the book store glory hole postings that are on here. The glory hole fantasy but in a more controlled environment is interesting to us. Sandy likes nicely hung men. We were thinking it would be fun to get 2 connecting hotel rooms and have a glory hole (tarp or something with a hole or holes) in the doorway between the 2 rooms. Guys would be allowed to go one at a time in to the one room and Sandy would be in the other. A video camera on Sandy's side would be hooked up to the TV in the room on the guy's side so they could watch Sandy in action (and also know it is really her that is pleasuring them). Sandy would have the option of finishing the guy off through the glory hole or inviting him over to her side. When that was done, that guy would leave and the next one would go in. Sandy would like to pick out the guys ahead of time online, but not know the order or which is on the other side. This is definitely something different for us that would be fun to try sometime.

Camp Hill PA
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TOPIC: anonymous sex