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TOPIC: Spanking
Created by: Dazzzza The original post for this thread was deleted.
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As poly said the school girl thing and spanking have been around for YEARS. Caning is nothing new either. Caning is dangerous. Only cane someone if you have been well trained.

There's a spanking only group in Wash DC. They like to think they are separate from BDSM.

There is ONE master spanker. He has given classes on spanking all over the country. He is my good friend.

There are different techniques for spanking. OTK being the most popular. Over the knee. Regarding women "tolerating" this for the guy. Nonsense. The gentleman had ladies coming from all over the country to get some.

The basic technique is to warm up the area with lighter swats. Progress to harder hits as the bottom warms. Hand formations are important. Cupped, flailed, convex, open finger, closed flat hand. The idea is to set up a rhythm of vibrations that flow through to the clit.

One can have very effective orgasms that way.

Personally the age play freaks me out. I did want to deliver "cookies" as a girl scout. Cookie? Mister.

When I was spanked. He marked me with a cane. He wanted to know how long the cane mark lasted. I was very suprised. It was a light blow. It took 5 days for the mark to leave.

Mischief has gotten hers...BIG SMILE

Glen Burnie MD
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TOPIC: Spanking