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TOPIC: Romance
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I see plenty of other fantasies on this board ranging from watersports to rape to BDSM to choking to animals. But I didn't see one that really interested me, so I thought I'd start this one.

I know this is a swingers/lifestyle site and everyone is here because we all like sex, but whatever happened to romance? Is it dead or cliché?

My idea of a wonderful night is to pick up a woman at her place, dressed impeccably in a nice suit. I would escort her to the car, opening the door for her, and then drive her to a romantic little restaurant. We would enjoy dinner and drinks over light conversation and a bit of flirting. Afterwards, we'd drive back to a secluded spot, like a hotel with a fireplace. We get some wine, some blankets, and curl up beside the fireplace and take turns massaging each other until we built up so much passion that we had to make sweet, sweet love. Afterwards, I'd draw a bubble bath and fill the room with roses and candles and we'd soak together in the tub. Then, we'd go off to bed where we'd spoon together until we fell asleep.

Am I crazy or is anyone else interested in romance?

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TOPIC: Romance