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TOPIC: Medical Fetish
Created by: NicePaCpl
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Through the years my lovely wife and I have had several "appointments" with M.D.s , Chiropractors, Dentists, and massage/physical therapists in their offices (after hours) for her to get exams/treatments. They are set up as a "normal" appointments but as things move along the doctors got flirty/suggestive and then sexual with wife in a very "unprofessional" way. We are VERY interested in doing again and wish to be contacted for more of the same type of situations. We are a VERY "normal", CLEAN, HEALTHY (Nurse), SANE, SOBER and DISCREET couple and your privacy would NEVER be compromised by us and situation. Willing to work with any ideas and situations you may have.

Williamsport PA
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TOPIC: Medical Fetish