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TOPIC: Jerking the Jerk Off
Created by: westernpacouple
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Okay, I'm never going to do this, but . . .

Just got an email from a "couple" who wants to trade pics and meet. It's very obvious it's a single male who is posing as a couple. I want to string him along, tell him how sexy my wife is and how hot she is for him, make him think he's got it made, then meet him. I assume his wife isn't going to be there, and my wife wouldn't be, either. Then I'd get my wife on the phone, and let her tell him how much she wants him. Etc., etc. I'd like to string him along until he finally figures out he's getting jerked, at which point, of course, he's going to call *us* liars and fakes.

I won't of course . . . but it's fun thinking about it.

Oh, and I'm not bashing the wonderful honest single males out here - you guys are great.

Shadyside PA
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TOPIC: Jerking the Jerk Off