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TOPIC: Erotic Poems
Created by: adameve19341
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With my sweet fragrant scent and desperate plea For your big strong hands to finally caress me Sleek thighs I bare, that seek your treasure My only need now is for you to pleasure I will part the dark curls beneath my mound for you to lick the luscious pearl which you have now found

As I crave you tonight, whip my breasts with love Force your brute inside me, while I pray for strength above

My senses heighten, as now I need to rest while you enjoy my hardened nipples and swollen breasts Frenzied movements, thrashing hips Come, come, now baby or place it all over my lips Once more, my Darling please as I still hunger for you to seize me!

This poem is dedicated to the love of my life Jim.

Cary NC
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TOPIC: Erotic Poems