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TOPIC: Bucket list
Created by: bt0005
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I have rejoined today as a paying member. I am now retired and will have the time to devote to a part of my life that has been, sadly, lacking. The sexual side. As a retired soldier and policeman, I have been many places and done many things all around the world. I can hold a conversation with about anyone but I've had a pretty mundane sex life. As well as an infrequent sex life. I am now among the single (Actually have been for seven years) and ready to do the things my ex accused me of doing. Here are the first two items on my sexual bucket list. 1. Watch a woman masturbate. Start to finish. 2. Watch two women. Start to finish. Most of you probably think that is pretty mundane. Not to me. I've never seen it. Not in person. Video's don't count. My real goal is to find a woman for myself to share my list with, but I am not counting on it. I am on several adult sites and have yet to meet anyone. I am curious as to a bucket list that any of you may have. What do you want to try that you haven't?

Linden TN
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TOPIC: Bucket list