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TOPIC: Animal Fantasy
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We have what I call a very successful swing lifestyle. We’ve been at for about 14 years. The area of women’s fantasies is an area that never really has been up for fruitful discussion. From time to time I ask what her fantasies are about and she sort of dismisses the question by saying something like she really doesn’t have fantasies like I do. OK, I’ll buy that, I know women’s fantasies are different than men’s fantasies, but it never really answers the question. I have learned enough to know that if it looks like she is not interested in talking about a subject I’m better off to just leave it alone. Well, yesterday morning we were finishing up a nice half hour of cunnilingus with a terrific orgasm, a cup of coffee, and a question. “What were you fantasizing about.” She said “I was thinking how in the world women get animals to do that.” I was so delighted that she actually articulated any fantasy that I expressed my hearty approval and quipped off some light humor about calling me Fido if she wanted. We moved on. Now that was the first time she ever really expressed a fantasy. I certainly want her to have her fantasies but I wonder how common among women that behavior with animals becomes a fantasy. I’d really like to hear from the ladies on this one.

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TOPIC: Animal Fantasy