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TOPIC: Sybian Rental
Created by: wercurious4u2
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The questions posed here are mostly inquisitive versus something that would actually happen. The other night someone asked about renting our sybian. Aside from issues of damages etc; who would actually know and would we want to - is it legal? For that matter would it be legal to set up a booth and charge for rides - lol. I mean there isn't anything going on other than a person stimulating themselves. The machine is really only a massage system and if there isn't any contact between individuals is it OK? We laughed that it would be like individual tanning booths.Ladies go in ride and leave. Of course, we concluded that since people would be enjoying themselves and there was "sex" involved (is there really?) then there must be laws against it. Anyone have thoughts or comments?

Fayetteville NY
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TOPIC: Sybian Rental