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TOPIC: Secret Dinner Party
Created by: andyfromdc
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I have a unique idea of hosting a dinner party where all the gentlemen identify themselves as my potential business partners and/or customers. I have a few non lifestyle type websites under development, so ideally you guys can identify with the technology or web community in some capacity.

So as it goes our get together is designed to be a non-sexual, yet casual business dinner at my home. I expect this will create an opportunity for us to meet and see if my wife and your ladies can indeed find a connection without the pressure (or even knowledge) of it being a "lifestyle" event. Surely we can find other things to talk about? For good measure, I may even invite "non-lifestyle" singles or a couple to the dinner too to keep us all on our toes and so basically you would not be able to assume that all guests are part of the SLS community.


After some bottles of wine, perhaps some of you will want to sneak off into our guest studio and you are all welcome to dip in our 6 person hot-tub. If you don't find any compatible sparks, well at least you'll have a full belly of gourmet Eastern European flair and maybe meet some new friends.

Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Interested in your feedback!

San Diego CA
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TOPIC: Secret Dinner Party