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TOPIC: Photographer in the KY-IN area
Created by: OldPhotog
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New to the lifestyle, not sure where it is going yet. One thing I do bring is a talent behind the camera to bring out the sexy, sweet, sultry, cute, adorable you in a way that is classy and artistic. I have shot mainly models for the last 4 years and decided to go to a paid shoot program...............so they dried up pretty quick. Now I have been introduced to the lifestyle and have become one of the photographers at Timberline Resort in TN. I live in Louisville, and want to offer to some of my fellow SLS members my services.

Main things I bring to the shoot are professionalism, talent, creativity, honesty, discreet, and a love for the artistic that makes my work stand out to those that appreciate my unique light and shadow visions. My equipment is portable, reliable, and I am confident in my abilities. I never mix fun with work, just say my work is fun! There is not much I won't do or shoot, but any of it you can expect professional results and some awesome photographs for your collection.

Fees run from 125.00 for a shoot and 8 edits, high resolution, suitable for printing or posting. For a simple shoot where you want something new for SLS this is perfect. Additional editing is 10.00 per file ordered at the same time as the 8.

Contact me here if you are interested

Okolona KY
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TOPIC: Photographer in the KY-IN area