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TOPIC: Networking Group
Created by: canepolis
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I've been working with various networking groups in the southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Here's some of my thoughts about what you are thinking about.

Combining business networking with adult fun - it'll never work, especially if you're not allowed to speak about it at meetings. If you are serious about growing your business and making money, just doing that is tough enough. If you try and factor in an adult component that has nothing to do with business it would be impossible to find people that would be open to that where everyone can find out who you are and what you do.

Limited to owners/decision makers - this makes it even more challenging as business owners would be even more protective of their business and identity. Also, if its only business owners you will have trouble getting enough people to attend. Do you allow independent agents (realtors, insurance, etc)? Do you allow vice presidents of companies? Trying to draw the line will be very difficult.

Limit one person per business type - similar to other networking groups - no problem but again limits the number of potential members.

Try and do business within the network - again fairly typical of most networking groups - no problem.

Keep a secret - the biggest problem with the proposal. If people know true identities and businesses involved and word gets out you'll have huge issues.

In conclusion, networking groups can be great for business. Just stick with doing that and keep the adult play on the side. If you (or anyone that reads this) e-mails me privately I can provide some details of a recently started group I'm involved in that might give you some ideas for doing something in your area. Good luck in all your endeavors.

Mount Holly NJ
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Looking for Feedback. We all know there are some business networking groups that are successful because they keep the momentum and focus on growing business. Likewise, most fail because they become too social and folks lose the importance of a business focus.

So, I was wanting feedback including good, bad, how stupid this idea is, etc about having a business networking group that meets weekly/bi-weekly in the Concord, Salisbury, N. Charlotte area for swingers with businesses. There would be at least five initial rules:

1) You do not speak of swinging or hook up with anyone at the meetings. I would like ladies to participate and feel comfortable that guys are not going to be hitting on them during the meeting. Their husbands need to know and be comfortable with that as well. This is to grow business, not hook up. Clarify - if you make friends from meetings and go out separately and socially, that is your choice. But it is not to be related to the networking event.

2) This be limited to business owners and/or key decision makers. We do not want folks that can not buy from or refer others to a business because they can not make those decisions for their company. Otherwise, that person's presense may not be beneficial to the group.

3) Limit membership to 1 person per industry type.

4) Everyone understand that you will try to do business with each other, but it may never work out due to business dynamics, pricing, you don't like each other or whatever the reason.

5) You can keep a secret!

Please tear it up, give feedback or support it.

Thanks for the input!

Landis NC
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TOPIC: Networking Group