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TOPIC: bbw_and_bigger_men
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I am the same height and dated a large man for a bit who helped me with this. He probably weighed a little over 350 and was about 5'10" and one of the sexiest men I've known, Italian, etc., dressed nicely.

Ok, he was lying on the bed on his back, and he wanted me to get on top...I tried and couldn't get my knees apart enough (same thing...short legs, and in my case chubby legs too, although I was probably 15 pounds lighter then, maybe a bit more). He told me to stand up and straddle him standing up...he held my hands while I did this on the bed. Then he said for me to just sit down on him. My legs were more in a position like that in a chair, instead of bent back like most of the time with "woman on top" positions. Basically, I "sat" on him and it worked out REALLY WELL!

That, and he'd pull me across the bed to him, he would stand and I'd be on the bed, in various positions like that. My legs straight up on his shoulders or a bit to the side in different angles.

Good luck! And have great fun experimenting!


San Antonio TX
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Don't want to hi-jack this thread, plan on puttting something here that might help... We have been with several BBCouples, I (Doug) don't have a problem. I don't mean that in terms of looks (dosen't matter), I mean physicaly. Linn does, with big guys she can't spread her legs wide enough to accomidate them between. She's has even tried to be on top and she can't spread enough. I mean there are some larger guys out there that she like to be with but she has had that problem in the past. Does anyone know of position that will work with larger guys and smaller women. She is 5' 2" and thats primarly because she has short legs.. Doug & Linn

Graceham MD
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Shelley, Don't be frustrated. There are people out here for everyone girl, promise. People are attracted to whom they are attracted to, this is true...but you will find that there are lots and lots of people who are attracted to you. Don't buy the hype in the magazines and think you have to be 5'10" and 110 pounds in order to get laid; people like real people. I agree with going to the meet and greets, check out some house parties. I know here there is a group that is designed for bbw's. You will have fun!

Oh, and Scotty you need a spanking because you are naughty lol.


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we're more interested in personality. guess that's why we don't meet alot of people off the internet. You can't get to know someone behind a keyboard.

Granted attraction is a must, however i've meet people that would be considered attractive right up until they opent their mouths, then i change my mind.

Port Saint Lucie FL
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TOPIC: bbw and bigger men
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