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TOPIC: You tell me
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We realize times are tough financially for many so we have FREE parties for those we feel some compatibility with. Many we have spoken to and some we have not. FREE BYOB parties but if they can't afford to bring anything to the party that is fine also. We understand. IT"S still FREE. You just have to find a way to it. In some cases we have even suggested other cpls to car pool wiith. We usually have enough food and drinks for everyone and YET we get NO responses from many. NOT ever a NO thank you. We have rules for our parties. No one is required to play with some one they aren't attracted to. I tell it in every invite. What is there to lose coming to a FREE party to see if there are people you MAY like. IF there are none you can leave. WTF? Are some people so into their selves they are to good for anyone? If so why are you on a swinger site? All it is a diversion from your every day problems. FREE

Puryear TN
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TOPIC: You tell me