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TOPIC: Saying hello
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Hi everyone! My husband and I are new to all of this and still feeling our way around. LOL No pun intended.

Anyway, I was really surprised at how many BBW's there are on here. I was feeling self conscious and thinking that I'd be the only one.

I was wondering if anyone here is a member of The Farm? We're headed down there on August 14th for the Meet & Greet, even reserved a cabin so we don't have to drive home. Is anyone else going to be there that night? It would be nice to have a familiar face or two in the crowd when we get there to help us relax.

We don't have any pictures up yet (one of our goals for the weekend) and my husband needs to work on what he wrote for our profile. Hopefully before the weekend is over both of those will be done.

Anyway everyone seems so friendly here so I just wanted to say hi.

Harrisburg PA
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TOPIC: Saying hello