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Hi all, some of you know of me and others don’t, I figured I would give ya all an update on me and why we disappeard. I have AVN of my hips and always had problems walkin but Dec 07 after 3 days of the flu i ended up in the hospital with cellulites which turned into lymphadema.

in the last year i have lost the ability to walk due to weight, lymphadema and AVN. I have battle depression and major anxiety and self loathing. I totally gave up last nov and now battling extra hard to live again. In may i made a choice to change my life because i want to live again, and be the partner my wife and love deserves and that i deserve. 5 weeks later I quit smoking i am was up to 2-3 packs a day and now smoke free. I am exercising in my chair doing arms calisthenics and stomach crunches. I was unable to walk 10feet without sitting down and resting for 10mins. And could not stand longer then 15 seconds. I finally got disability and now working hard every day to regain everything I lost walking and stamina. I can now walk 50-60 feet again and have pushing it am able to stand 4mins and 30 seconds. I am losing weight and getting healthy so if anyone who knew me or wants to know me I am on yahoo as the_love_frog and respond to all. Anyone else having health issues I wish you healing and good thoughts. Thanks for reading. We have missed parties and friends and hope to be back fairly soon, as I try to push self harder every week.

Peace Sex and Granola all!

Hutchins TX
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TOPIC: Hello from the MIA Frogg