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FORUMS General Discussions B.B.W. Bad meet greet
TOPIC: Bad meet greet
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Parties, swing clubs, etc., can get a bit "clique-y" sometimes, but please don't let one experience put you off. There are a lot of couples that are really nice, and great to meet. We do see that happen though, where people stand around in a circle of people that they know well, and don' venture out of their comfort zones.

Try different ones on the events list for your area. Please don't think it's a matter of "not being attractive enough." Maybe a lot of the other couples were feeling the same way. Frequently, I am one of the oldest, and probably also heaviest women at a party (not always, and so what). Sometimes Dan and I will just be talking to each other, but if we start flirting with each other, kissing, whatever (depends on if it's a public place or private), then that usually starts the ball rolling, so to speak.

It's hard to mingle when you're new. I would also suggest you checking out the events and looking at the profiles listed on the who's attending part...email some of them and tell them that you're new and ask if they would mind introducing you to some of the regulars. Most experienced swing couples truly enjoy helping a new couple meet others, and answering questions and taking them under their "wing" a bit. If they can't, then sometimes they will point you to someone who can. Also, email the administrators of the groups...they're usually very helpful.

Good luck, and don't get discouraged.

Gina and Dan

San Antonio TX
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TOPIC: Bad meet greet