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TOPIC: game_players_a_waste_of_time
Created by: seriously2274 The original post for this thread was deleted.
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We've all run into the game-players, the fakes, and the flakes.

We have very few rules, but a big one is that we would rather not talk to someone who isn't serious about meeting at some point in our lives! lol We've had lots of people disappear after speaking to them on line. A lot of times, we've found that its the hubby on line, and sometimes his wife doesn't have a clue, or he's all gung-ho, and she's very hesitant. In that case, HE isn't being upfront and honest, and unless we figure it out ahead of time, we'll end up being stood up, or they just disappear.

We've had single men disappear on us...I assume they got cold feet, but who knows, they could have been married men on the prowl.

2inVT, we had a couple contact us and tell us that their teenage son would be home, but he'd stay in his room....yeah right. We've met people who are serious about the lifestyle and others that feel its just a game to be played. You really have to weed them out. We have questions that we ask, and we really want to talk to the female, whether on the phone or on line, to make sure that she's as "willing" as her hubby claims she is. And sometimes, even asking the questions doesn't work...I don't think there's any way of completely ridding yourself of the no shows, time wasters, and game players.

Cambridge VT
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Most people that want to talk about having sex and or what they want to do to you or even ask you what you are wearing in an IM, shows us one thing....

If they tell you things about what we wiill do on the first meeting..shhows us that same one thing....

We have learned how to weed the fakes really well , and sometimes come of as harsh sounding when we get a bad vibe, Prolly cause it has only happened to us many of times.

Heck want to hear something ( we will call this funny) We had plans to Meet the web masters of this site (good looking couple) by the way, and we totaly screwed the address and ended up (don't even know how) way off where we were suppose to be at. Needless to say we screwed them over, Our fault totaly, but things do happen, By the time we figured out that we were off track, we pull a u banger and bust a tire on a what use to be street sign. After fixing the flat we just headed home, However we did try to call from a pay phone. So shit does happen.

We ended up meeting them both later on at a party and they did not seem upset at all with us but we did feel soooooooo bad.

Back on topic

Sometimes we will talk about certain things that we feel may be an issue when reading peoples profiles that have to do with sex, but we notice that we don't have to focus the converesation around it, we talk more so availability and get to making plan, if its to complicated we won't bother cause our time is valuable, and we don't want to appear pushy.

I can't indulge all of our secrets cause its what works for us and we don't want to clue the fakes in on what we know, cause them our system won't work.

Rumford ME
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TOPIC: game players a waste of time
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