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TOPIC: Watching_your_wife_swallow
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I love watching it. How can you not. But I only want her to do it if the other woman does as well. Its only fair.

Keyport NJ
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Welcum to the forum Justbad


New Orleans LA
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My wife begs men for there cum all the time. She cant get enough of it and if shes getting fucked, she has them pull out an finish in her mouth. Gets her off...

Fanning Springs FL
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It's kinda strange. She likes oral tremendously, and loves it when I cum in her mouth. But when we are with others what I enjoy most is seeing the expression on her face when she is cumming. When she is going down on another guy and I am not fucking her, I do like to watch. She is so intent and good at it, he usually doesn't last for long. Usually, though, we are in a group situation and she starts cumming so hard that she can't concentrate on sucking well. Which is just fine with me; I love to watch her enjoy herself. :-)

Virginia Beach VA
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she will only swallow mine. I couldn't care less. She likes it on her tits.

Port Saint Lucie FL
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While many of us women enjoy watching, men are very visual creatures. While my favorite is having a guy cum in either my pussy or my ass, I absolutely love swallowing and, when coming orally, I prefer it to getting a facial or having them cum elsewhere on me. Knowing that the men love to watch it, though, I'll usually let them decide what they're in the mood for at any given moment. My husband loves watching so much that he goes nuts and the other guys always do too. Because I enjoy most everything, I let them do what they want when they want. It's hot knowing I'm getting them so excited and I benefit because they can usually recover faster because of that excitement.

There's absolutely no jealousy on my husbands' part when he sees me swallow or get another guys' cum in or on me. The only reason we play is for fun and that is just a part of the fun.

~ Jen

Gouldsboro PA
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Love to watch her do it... but do you KISS her after and with a mouth full??

Ocala FL
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I'm with you Sappho (oh, how i'd like those words to be literal...). I enjoy being cum ON more than swallowing, but I'll swallow. I like cum on my tits (see the pics), myneck, my belly, my back, between my ass, on my face, in my hair. The only place I don't would have to be my eyes and ears. Obviously.

I would imagine for men...the better thing to watch is to watch your wife being cum upon, facials, etc., than to see her sputter and swallow, but I don't know. I haven't watched it, so when I do, I'll let you know if I also like it, as being Bi, I like watching women too.

We are involved with a cute, sexy couple and the guy likes my blow jobs. But he wants to cum on my tits, which I also enjoy, so we have that part of our interests "down pat."

I have yet to do a bukkake, but it could be on my mental list of fantasies to make into reality. I'm more apt to go with the flow of the encounter though, so we'll see if that happens for me sometime.

Like Sappho, I was in a monogamous, but abusive, 20 year first marriage. Sex was good, but the relationship was not (you ask how that can be...long story). I now know the freedom not only to be "allowed" to explore my sexuality in all its joy and excitement, but to rather be ENCOURAGED to explore and enjoy it. My husband says a lot how lucky he is...but truth is, so am I.


San Antonio TX
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I enjoy the thought of it personally but the Mrs. doesn't share the enthusiasm.

In fact, after the birth of our children she doesn't even do it for me anymore.....but.......

I sure hope God hears my prayers cause man o man...she can pleasure a man like a pro

I am blessed to have one of those wives that guys always say to her "I won't cum from a blowjob! No woman can make me cum from a blowjob!" and low and behold..give her 5 minutes and he is squirming away telling her to stop and that she proved her point...she wins..ROFL

Seminole OK
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Frankly, it's nothing special for me to see (or feel) my wife swallow when and if she wants to do it. I suspect the thrill of swallowing to some lies in the sense of a woman's surrender to the cock and its power. One virtue lies in the fact that it can be less messy but messiness itself can be such a virtue...if a couple is into being sealed together in their own juices.

Confession: The last 8 years of my 21 year first marriage were almost sexless. We waited for the kids to get older before we split up, and once she finally said it was time, I was on the internet the next day, and in a month or so, I had begun an intense, heated correspondence with a woman herself in the midst of divorce living 1500 miles away in Dallas. It was so cool: She herself was a therapist, and for four months we talk about how sexually repressed we had each been in our marriages.

When we finally had a chance to meet 4 months after our first email exchange (and after writing at least once every day to each other exchanging fantasies and desires) , it was for 4 days, 3 nights at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. OMG, her credentials were just a M.S.W., not a s a sex therapist, but she was what any sex therapist would have ordered. We were on the bed, making out, 15 minutes after meeting in the lobby, and the last of our clothes came off 2 hours later (we had a great time making out as the kiss is truly the most intimate and erotic act).

This godsend of a woman gave me not only my first swallow of my cum, but my first deep throat, my first anal intercourse, my first finger up my ass, my first lesson in making a woman squirt (I was a fast learner), but best of all--much preferable to swallowing--she loved me to shoot all over her belly and bosoms when I came.

I had more sex that weekend than I had in the last 10 years of my marriage, and early in the morning, when the sky was just beginning to lighten up with the sunrise, we were fucking for perhaps our last time together that visit. I had been holding off coming for a long time, just wanting to build up the charge, and I had dreams of outdoing the fountains of the Bellagio hotel that we could see outside of our window when I finally did come. This time she wanted the cum on her lips so we could seal ourselves in a kiss afterwards. She was squeezing my balls as I stroked myself to climax, and then when I came--lo and behold--it was a complete fizzle. Nothing came out but a measly little drip. My cock was as sucked dry as the summer desert. The failed launching just convulsed us in laughter--a laughter that felt even better than the orgasm I had just had.

Monrovia CA
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TOPIC: Watching your wife swallow
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