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Hi folks, Fairly new to the forums here. Well met!

I attended my first (and possibly last) swinger party at a hotel, and was completely underwhelmed. I know this will come across as completely snobbish and judgemental, but I have to admit that there was not one woman there I was even remotely attracted to. Now, perhaps I am naive to expect hot girls at a swingers party that allows single males. I dunno. But, I would have at least expected to see "average"-looking women there. Instead, all I saw was...oh, nevermind. :)

I'm not even saying I expected to "hook up". But, my intentions really were just to meet people and experience a swingers' party. I hope that most are not like this. I am thinking that in the future, I will not attend one unless I am invited to one that is off-limits to (uninvited) single men. From what I saw, some guys will have sex with whoever is willing.

For those who have experience with public parties, what is the caliber of women attending? Also, do you think that ones where the single male does not need vouching for differ?

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TOPIC: Swinger Parties