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TOPIC: Single Guys
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Ok. Here's one for the single guys out there. There's a lot of talk in these forums about how negative couples are about single guys. We're not, the wife likes mfm so we actully look for u guys a lot but with litte luck. here are the queastion: 1. Why do so many single guys either have no pic or a close up of the genitals? This is a physical game so there has to be some physical attracrion all around for it to work. 2. Why do sigle guys write and say distance is not a problem for them and that they can travel, then when you start chatting with them want you to meet them half way or come to them? Our profile says we can't travel much. Also a lot of single guys we have chatted with talk like they want to meet but when we try to set up something they become unavailable until the time has passed. It also seems most of the single guys we chat with think they can just meet us at the hotel, get some and go theit way. They seem shocked if we want to meet in a social setting to dine, drink, and dance, a little first. A get to know you first thing, lol, and we're talking "dutch" here not asking them to pay. They don't seem to think they should have to invest any time in getting to know us. We've been on here about 2 years and only met 2 guys, though not from lack of trying. Just some thoughts. Eager to here what others thoughts are.

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TOPIC: Single Guys