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TOPIC: Single_Guys
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interesting thread, here are my thoughts FWIW.

Assholes come in all favors, single men, women, couples, transies and there seems to be a factory on every corner spitting them out. What I'm trying to say is that a person, be they single, married, straight, gay, bi, whatever has as much capacity to be courteous or rude as anyone else.

It's not WHAT one is, but WHO one is that makes all the difference. If you're a nice person, you'll be considerate and polite, you'll take a no thanks politely and mark their profile not to contact again. If someone can't take a considerate and polite "no thanks", then it is their problem for being dense not yours for giving an answer they didn't like..

Every introductory email that I've ever sent has been courteous, thoughtful and made some reference to something in their profile or their pics .. i.e., I took the time to read it before sending a note. Also, my profile is straight and honest about my status as a male on this site. I don't email about what I want to put where either (unless invited to later <g>).

I've met some nice people and am building some friendships on SLS. That being said, I do consider it RUDE not to reply to an introductory email. This is especially true given the auto "no thanks" that's available and the custom responses that people can use. Talking to couples and single fems on the site, I know and understand how you get 100's of e-mails, but given the sometime unreliability of the site/email/chat on SLS, you're only begging for a 2nd attempt by not responding to the 1st attempt.

Finally, single gals and couples. Any thoughtful male (which isn't everyone no doubt) will select the button which limits searches to "those looking for single males". If you don't want single males to attempt to contact you, change your profile to remove single male interest. You won't even show up to them.

I've made the suggestion to the SLS webmaster that they program this button into the "Who's On" list as well. Again, to try to avoid unwanted contact attempts.

It won't stop them all, but it might but it down a bit.



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Curioustncplforfun, I agree with Valovers in that many of the single men on internet sites such as this use it as fantasy, much like pornography. I have spent a lot of time trying to contact men who have quality profiles to fill the ranks of my gang bang club. For whatever reason, many are socially clumsy, unable to perform, boorish to the point that I wouldn't dream of having them in the club, or "all talk and no do". There are several men who stay in contact with me for information about parties, but whom have never honored an invitation.

My advice to you is find men through referral and association, rather than through cyber communication.

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It sort of makes you wonder how many of those "single" guys are really married men pretending to be single for the fun of fantasizing.

We KNOW there are some real single guys out there, because we've met them. But the vast majority of single guys are not on swinger sites. They are out there looking for someone with whom they might develop a personal romantic relationship. And since the dating scene provides plenty of opportunity for sex, swinging is the last thing on the minds of most single men.

We've wondered what it is that makes some single guys turn to swinging as the 3rd person with couples in mfms instead of pursuing sex through normal dating. It seems to us there would be a greater probability of getting sex through normal dating than through trying to beat the "one in a million" odds that a swinging couple would choose YOU out of the hordes. We suspect that guys who are really single and wanting to do mfms with couples are likely to be divorced and simply not yet ready to consider a serious dating relationship that feels too much like jumping "out of the frying pan into the fire."

But we suspect that a LOT of the supposedly "single" guys out there are really married men getting their jollies vicariously by pretending to be single and looking to swing with couples.

Or maybe we're entirely wrong. But that WOULD explain why so many single men turn out to be unable to actually meet you.

Culpeper VA
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Ok. Here's one for the single guys out there. There's a lot of talk in these forums about how negative couples are about single guys. We're not, the wife likes mfm so we actully look for u guys a lot but with litte luck. here are the queastion: 1. Why do so many single guys either have no pic or a close up of the genitals? This is a physical game so there has to be some physical attracrion all around for it to work. 2. Why do sigle guys write and say distance is not a problem for them and that they can travel, then when you start chatting with them want you to meet them half way or come to them? Our profile says we can't travel much. Also a lot of single guys we have chatted with talk like they want to meet but when we try to set up something they become unavailable until the time has passed. It also seems most of the single guys we chat with think they can just meet us at the hotel, get some and go theit way. They seem shocked if we want to meet in a social setting to dine, drink, and dance, a little first. A get to know you first thing, lol, and we're talking "dutch" here not asking them to pay. They don't seem to think they should have to invest any time in getting to know us. We've been on here about 2 years and only met 2 guys, though not from lack of trying. Just some thoughts. Eager to here what others thoughts are.

Lexington TN
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TOPIC: Single Guys
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