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Something I've noticed that really bugs are the pictures of fully clothed people with the faces blanked out.

I can understand the need to blank out the faces of nude and explicit pictures especially if one of the persons is not part of the posting couple. I also know that there is a way to save pix from the site, despite the blocking of the right click.

What confounds me is the pictures of clothed people that have the faces blanked out showing nothing but what color clothing they prefer. I realize some people do not want their lifestyle choice to get out and cause embarrassment. That is why there is the function that allows you to block your profile from non member searches. With that function you really don't have to worry, because if someone you know sees you then most likely you can see them. And if word does get out it will be obvious that the rat will be just as guilty of having a profile.

Again I see no point in having pix that show nothing but a shirt taking up space on the server.

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TOPIC: Profile Pictures