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TOPIC: Older Lady, Younger Man
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A while back My wife and I had gone to a lifestyle club and it was a slow night. Wife had dressed in a short mini-skirt and heels and a tine pair of crotchless panties and was looking hot. We had nothing to do back at home so we decided to play a few games of pool in the rear of the club somewhat hidden from sight from the bar area. I had noticed this younger guy aboult half our age had b een checking out my wifes legs at the bar and after about ten minutes after we had gone back to play a game of pool I looked up to see he has followed us. He looked well dressed and was about 5-9 or so. He sit on a stool and was watching as my wife made her shots on the table. Both he and I were getting some nice peeks up under her skirt skirt and after a while he put his coins on the table and ask if he could play the next round. I watched as He racked the balls and my wife chaulked her stick. So the game was going and he was making a point to be behind her when she shot and of course peeking under her skirt as I watched. After a while his hands were touching her on the ass and around her waist as she looked to see my reaction. He turned and mouthed if he could go futher and I waved her on to see if she was interested. I watched as he now was running his hand under her skirt and after a while, My wife stopped playing and bent over the table looking back at me as she spread her ankles on the floor. The young dude was now in a big hurry and whipped out his average looking cock and he was hard from what I could see. Holding her around her waist he started to try to put it in her but instead he shot off and shot cum all over her ass. She looked back as to ask what happen and the young dude started to say how sorry he was and quickly left. I finished the job he had started. Now since that happen my wife does not flirt back with younger guys anymore. And then the older men seen just to want to watch her but never try to do anything with her like dance or ask her to join them.

San Antonio TX
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TOPIC: Older Lady, Younger Man