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TOPIC: Inviting_a_vanilla_SM_for_our_first_MFM
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I would disagree with you Nic.

If the guy loses his erection because my husband is in the room, it wont be my husband that's leaving, it will be the SM. Swinging for us is about sexual fantasy fulfillment, not re-assuring people (men women couples) that all will be fine and no need to be nervous. High school is over, we're mature adults.


Welcome to the forum. Vanilla bar, a Swinging M&G, or meeting other swingers for the purpose of eventually getting laid, is all the same as we're all accustomed to when we date. It's about attraction, it's about what you are looking to experience from the encounter. You meet, if there is chemistry you do what comes naturally to you, what your body and mind is telling you to do :).

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And at about 3 hours, this "professional" could make that happen...just sayin. ;-)'

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Ditto to Nic's comments, except I would emphasize that there is a greater risk of drama with a vanilla SM. You want what we call in the LS a "professional". Contact an established SM in your area; obviously, you will need to unblock SMs to have any credibility.

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It would seem you have already crossed the biggest hurdle, finding a vanilla guy that you are attracted to and who is open to the idea of meeting with you and your husband so congrats to you!

As for how to avoid anything awkward? The easy answer is to meet with a guy in the LS with some experience. Preferably one from Ohio but I digress.

In all seriousness, a vanilla SM may have some issues if it his first time so, if you and your husband are ok with this idea, the best way to get the action going and making the SM comfortable is to give you and him some alone time with you. Let's say the three of you meet for a drink and the guy is cool and your husband agrees with your choice and you head back to your place (or hotel?). Once there, you share a drink and if the guy is being shy or seems uncomfortable, your husband can excuse himself or just disappear for a few minutes. That may make it easier for the SM (or you) to initiate things.

Then just do what comes naturally. Kissing, touching, slowly undressing each other and exploring each other. If your husband comes back into the room, he could observe for a bit before joining in. If the guy loses focus or gets flustered, you may have to consider giving him more time one on one. I have seen this time and again where I have a SF over and invite an extra guy to join in. He is fine when I am not in the room and loses his erection when the three-way fun begins. The key is patience and your husband being ok with making himself scarce from time to time to allow the guy to get his confidence up and get over any jitters.

Since your profile is closed to SM, I don't know if you two are new to this but if I missed the point of your question or if you have more, feel free to email me directly.

Good luck and have fun!


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Hi all was hoping to get some advice from the more experienced out there. My husband and I have been fantasizing about MFM experience for quite a while. And I was out at the bar with some friends and ran into this guy whom I was very attracted to. Told him about our fantasy and he seemed pretty open about it. Got home, told Mr. about the sexy dancing and flirting I did with him and had some hot sex afterwards!! :D Anyway I was wanting more info into this. Any SM out there that can share their first experience of playing with a couple? Also wondering how to avoid any awkwardness when the time comes to all meet together and/or play together. Thanks so much!

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TOPIC: Inviting a vanilla SM for our first MFM
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