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Created by: twoofus1988
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Ok yall here is a question for you.......WHY is it a nice couple who is approx. 1 hour from the NC.......KY.....TN.....West VA .... line is always told its too far.....but they want to chat and 90% of the time we are told we are such a cute couple and the lady is a doll baby.....if we were closer wed love to meat yall...........TO US A SMALL DRIVE IS NOT MUCH TO MEET FRIENDS YA KNOW........SINGLES.....either it be Ladies or Men...just seem to waist our time.....WHY? We get male from both and we have planned meetings with some and of course they didnt show up and had a lame excuse for it. If we arent your type just say so upfront like we do.....dont waste our time or yours knowin nothing will come of it. If you are ever in chat you can ask in there about us and you will probably get a response from a few......we are well liked and are great people to be around but for some reason that doesnt count for anything. Since we dont drink but on occasion and we dont do any drugs....no pot either it is a drug..... seems like alot want or expect this......us to drink heavily with them....or smoke one with them which WONT HAPPEN........or say hi, and lets fu**....which WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!! So now lets see how many think as WE do or is this just going to be taken the wrong way and make people mad WHICH ITS NOT MEANT TO DO.......JUST WONDER WHY THAT NICE ISNT WANTED ALOT ANYMORE?? Have a great day all and always have a smile :}

Castlewood VA
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